AC PLUS Mini chillers

AC PLUS mini chillers

The MINI CHILLER units let you cool rooms by means of water terminals such as fan coils or ceiling air handling unit. The ultra-compact design and the smart control panel (on-board the unit) make the MINI CHILLER units systems that are easy to install and extremely functional. Smart digital bord control and individual component optimization guarantee the highest efficiency and energy savings.

Why choose MINI CHILLER?

Low consumption and energy savings thanks to its integrated smart control panel.
The unit has a compact structure thanks to optimization of the internal components, also best design with the minimum dimensions.
The MINI CHILLER uses the environmentally friendly R407c, R134a refrigerant, which does not damage the ozone.
The smart control allows units to rapidly reach the desired temperature, remaining constant and without annoying oscillations.

AC PLUS Reliable, efficient TECHNOLOGY

1-Hermetic scroll compressor
2-High efficiency water side heat exchanger
3-EXV electronic expansion valve
4-Low noise & high efficiency axial fan
5-High efficiency air side heat exchanger
6-High efficiency coil with aluminum blue or golden fin
7-Cooling load design as per ASHRAE standard
8-Low weight
9-Compact dimension
10-Capability of easy service
11-Quick removal of parts
12-Low water pressure drops for heat exchanger

Design criteria: Condenser inlet air temp.: 95°F / Evaporating temp.: 39.2 °F / Condensing temp.: 122°F / Subcooling: 9°F