ceiling fan coil

AC PLUS ceiling fan coil


Fan Coil Units are a best product of turning a chilled water or hot water into an efficient, quiet air conditioning system. These units are an effective solution to provide a comfortable environment for commercial and residential applications.
AC PLUSE ceiling fan coils are produced in 5 sizes according to the below table.

The advantages of our fan coils are as follows:
• High efficiency coil with aluminum blue or golden fin
• Cooling load design as per ASHRAE standard
• Low noise at room after installation
• Low weight
• Low height as per technical table
• Capability of easy service
• Quick removal of washable filter
• Hot dip galvanized drain pan with coating
• Low water pressure drops for coil

Design criteria:
Heating load: Entering air dry bulb: 68 °F / Water in/out temp.: 180/160 °F
Cooling load: Entering air dry / wet bulb: 80°F /67 °F / Water in/out temp.: 45/55 °F